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Solar Heating

Heat Pumps

Do you have a goregeous pool area but can only use it for a few months of the year?  Pool heating systems gives you a more comfortable pool temperature for more months of the year, which brings much more use and enjoyment for the entire family.

A solar pool heating system uses free, renewable energy direct from the sun to extend your swim season.  Heliocol "protects panels and components with a 25-year, factory-backed warranty. This includes a 12 years warranty on all Heliocol manufactured parts PLUS another 13 years pro rata (50/50).Heliocol is additionally backed by a 12 year warranty against damage by cockatoos, possums and other vermin (5 years plus 7 years pro rata 50/50)" 

A heat pump is similar to a domestic air conditioner or refrigerator. When it turns on, energy held in the surrounding air is absorbed into the refrigerant gas circulating through the unit. This heat is then transferred by a heat exchange process to your pool water which is also circulating through the unit. The result is pool water at exactly the temperature you require – 12 months of the year.Your trained Heliocol consultant can advise on the correct size and model heat pump to best suit your needs, budget and pool size. An assessment of the approximate running costs of your heat pump can also be provided before you make your decision. (http://www.heliocol.com.au/heliocol.html) Alternatively, you can download our heat pump sizing form to fill out and email it to us for a quote.


How Heliocol Solar Heating Works

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